What I did and what I didn't

OK, so the last post I wrote (contains only one sentence in Chinese) is about 7 months ago. Since then, a lot of things have changed around me.

First, I’ve moved to Zurich, a beautiful town, very expensive, and not as boring as I thought. I’ve started my journey to my Master degree here at INI, check out my profile photo. Somehow they chose to use my middle name (which I don’t have one) and my last name as my ID. Well, it’s not exactly the ugliest ID I’ve ever had, but close. I got 4 more email addresses (thanks to independent IT infrastructure everywhere). And surprisingly more than one homepage and disk resources that I can dispose. I’ve met many fantastic people (including Professors, Drs, PhDs, masters, etc). Not much social life back to my student house since I’m not that into partying, and also not much on cooking.

(Side Thought: Am I giving too much information to myself? Is this gonna backfire me when I’m famous someday? Am I thinking too much?)

I’m not much a blogging guy anymore (that guy is dead about 4 years ago). I switched from Emacs to Atom. And I love Atom now. For one big reason, I can write more standardized code than using Emacs. I love Markdown by the way. My English is still bad. But I’m clearly not the worst. I did my first semester project. And I’m about to publish it (exciting!!). I like the lab, everyone is helping everyone (if you ask). I attended my first set of classes, some of them are difficult, some of them are not that difficult. I did work more on course-work than I did in UM (basically sleeping all the time when I was an undergraduate). I attended countless seminars (thanks to INI’s arrangements). So far so good.

Updates on July 5th

I have moved to a new place. It’s lovely. I still have lots to figure out, somehow I also survived by using daily data plan.