Yuhuang Hu

LatticeFlow AG

1. Introduction

Go player, (fake) Hiker, (fake) Biker, (not anymore) TV addict, AGI supporter, NOT-DOOMED believer, (retired) LaTeX tutor, (former) INI Ph.D. student, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at LatticeFlow AG.

For more information, please click here for my current CV.

2. Method

2.1 Research Interests

  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Event-based Learning and Processing
  • Feature Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotic Vision
  • Reliable and Robust AI
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Theory of Everything

2.2 TypeRacer

TypeRacer.com scorecard for user duguyue100

2.3 Coding Time

Total time coded since Aug 3 2017

3. Experiments

Python C/C++ GPU HTML Git SVN Emacs Vim/neovim zsh Linux Mac OS X CMake DVS DAViS LaTeX macman Midnight Commander

4. Conclusions


Computer Science Mathematics Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Pretty PDFs \(\LaTeX\) Git Reasoning Intellectual Debates Moral Consequence Robot History Future Bejing Opera Markdown Marvel Ice-cream Smart Girl Engineer Physics TV Shows Cats and Dogs pics Scientific American Being minority GSoC Accidentally find a nice song Tom Hanks in girl's voice Chinese Calligraphy Surprising ending Reading Endless Article Machine Learning in Browser Write in Emacs Recurrent Neural Networks Vim\neovim Terminal

4.2 Dislikes

Low Network Speed Cannot Explain Myself Precisely Another Meeting Delay Know-it-all Fake Social Manners Around with People who I don't like All kinds of reunion Tourism Ambush my back Exams Intentional delay Birthday Sending gifts Things out of control New guy Meaningless date Boring lecture Select gifts Season Finale Have no idea about what's next Coders who don't follow standards Person who refuses to learn useful things


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