Learning Notes to Quantum Mechanics 1

Quantum Mechanics Learning Notes

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回月阁梦忆 - 少年不知愁滋味

The One with Beginning


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Paper Review - Universal Intelligence - A Definition of Machine Intelligence

Four days ago, a friend passed me a paper called Universal Intelligence: A Definition of Machine Intelligence. At first, I thought this paper just proposes a wired mathematical model based on some philosophical method, because the whole section 2 is describing and explaining the so-called Natural Intelligence. Basically, finally I skip section 2 and start my reading from section 3. And section 3 presents a very great mathematical model. Although this model is still built on common definition, however, this model still determines a possible way to compute and measure the level of intelligence of a certain agent.


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Non-scientific Thinking in Artificial Intelligence

Just for record, this entry is just a non-scientific thinking result based on the course I am taking. So, why not I begin with some comments about that course.


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